At 12:57am today, Winter Music Conference’s founding Director’s received an email from Ultra Music Festival notifying them that the 2011 Ultra Music Festival would not be presented during and in conjunction with the 2011 Winter Music Conference. The notification was served despite a signed October 15, 2009 contract between the two entities which stated that the 2011 Ultra Music Festival would be presented during the five-day period in February, March or April 2011 designated and promoted by WMC as the ‘WMC week’. WMC organizers say “We were blindsided by Ultra’s last minute announcement this morning.”

“The date selection is based exclusively on venue availability. We present one of the most extensive programs of the year during peak season in Miami Beach. We are constantly developing our program in order to provide the best possible venues and hotels at the best possible terms for the artists, delegates and program participants.” Traditionally the WMC dates have ranged from mid February to the end of March.

“WMC remains committed to the artists, delegates and fans that have made the program what it has become over the last 25 years. The festivals, Ultra and many others, are amazing experiences for the fans and artists alike. By contrast the quintessential WMC experience is really about the camaraderie between pioneering artists and industry legends – walking into a club or pool party and seeing your favorite artists up on stage performing amongst their own peers. It is the unrehearsed chemistry that goes along with the amazing aggregation of artists, industry and fans converged on Miami Beach that make these once in a lifetime collaborations happen everywhere you turn – from the panel discussions and meetings to the incredible sounds coming from every nook and cranny across Miami Beach for five days straight. Our passion has always been about the love of music. We don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

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