Trapped amidst a world of mass-consumption and musical stagnation, the Visionquest collective: Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, Shaun Reeves, and Ryan Crosson are seeking a new path forward. Harnessing innovative production concepts and cutting-edge technology, their Visionquest Thirteen project moves beyond classic club environments and embarks on a shared journey of co-creation and musical enlightenment. Throughout a series of thirteen unique events, this will be the only opportunity to see these four artists operate as a cohesive unit performing both as DJs and live at some of the world’s leading underground clubs and festivals.

On in the Maya Long Count Calendar (December 21, 2012), the world completed baktun 13, the last baktun (a 144,000 day cycle) of the 4th era. What lay beyond it? To modern doom’s-day fanatics; nothing; it was the end of the world. To the Maya, it represented the beginning of a new cycle.

A new era
Visionquest Thirteen: 13 parties throughout 2013 whose conceptual framework envisions this new era as a time of elevated consciousness; one where humanity begins a retreat from seeking answers in the external and returns to a journey within.

Not coincidently, this journey within mirrors the paradigm signature to the Detroit parties that proved so inspirational for the four members of Visionquest. These legendary parties were opportunities to get lost in the music, dance for hours on end with your eyes closed, and take a journey into the furthest corners of your own mind. Back on a journey inward and lost in a temporary world.

The party’s journey will progress from the blackness of the deepest corners of night, to the warmth of the first light of dawn; and potentially back again. Visionquest Thirteen is a logical progression of the aesthetic values already well-established by the Visionquest brand; specifically the use of ancient symbols, numerology, and other mystical icons. It revels in the mysticism that has attached itself to the number 13 throughout cultures and periods in history and references the mysteries of the ancient world as a revelation for the future.

Visionquest Thirteen is a chance for the boys and I to go back to what we do best. Playing and hanging out together the way we used to and coming up with new ideas. The twist on doing these thirteen special events is that we will be pushing the level of production and music up further than we had originally imagined.
– Lee Curtiss

The Visionquest Thirteen is the only opportunity to witness the four playing as a collective and together only they will steer the musical voyage from the start to finish. Taking place at unique locations across the globe as well as reinventing some much-loved established institutions, each event will be inimitable, and once over forever lost to the vaults of time.

The tour kicks off on the 30th March at fabric in London, followed the next weekend by Timewarp in Mannheim on 6th April, and then on the 27th April by Warehouse Project in Manchester and over the following nine months will take in clubs, bespoke events and festivals in Chicago, Ibiza, Amsterdam, the American wilderness, Paris, New York, Turin, Buenos Aires, Miami and rural Chile.

Full thirteen date tour diary will be announced on Friday 22nd March.