Architecture, Engineering and Design office from Ibiza, Estudio Vila 13, won the Architecture prize at the European Hotel Design Awards for their reconversion project of the leading Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel. This hotel complex has perfectly integrated two obsolete buildings to create Ushuaïa Club and Ushuaïa Tower. This “magic place is run under a unique and surprising philosophy that has merged with a fantastic open-air entertainment area while offering extremely sophisticated rooms”, according to project director Jordi Carreño.

The judges of this prestigious architecture award said the architects’ “had a great vision in pulling various dated buildings together into a grand masterplan of entertainment”. Also, they highlighted that “the risk taking and daring concept has resulted in a property that is said to have changed the landscape of Ibiza forever, with an amazing poolside stage, and the soaring Ushuaïa Tower offering panoramic views of the coastline”.

Located in Ibiza, the hotel designed by the Ibizan architecture office, welcomes its guests at the entrance displaying an impressive red carpet that leads them straight to the hotel’s main attraction: the swimming pool. The elements that trigger surprise and focus on the unexpected are essential to this complex; whether it is a flock of birds crossing a corridor, an ants invasion in the hall or enjoying a concert from your room’s jacuzzi. “When we sat down to plan what this hotel would be like we wanted to show our love for the island and its nature through the carpets, corridors and even the elements separating the bedroom area from the bathroom, for example. Balconies, terraces and swimming pools are full with lush nature and its curved shape provides the organic touch we were looking for”, says Carreño.

The hotel boasts a spectacular stage in the pool area where guests can enjoy live music performances. “We wanted to play with the island’s famous white tones and with the concept of this hotel becoming a colony. That is why we decided to mix flamingos and ants sculptures and decorations within an eclectic and cosmopolitan hotel that perfectly merges with the island vibes, its sea and its breathtaking sunsets with music right at the centre of this experience”.

This is the first time a firm from Ibiza wins this coveted award, that only a few architecture offices in Spain have won so far, which acknowledges the work of the studio who brought to life the original idea by Grupo Empresas Matutes to create one of the world’s leading hotels.

Estudio Vila 13 is currently working in the upcoming Parador de Turismo, located in the fortified city of Ibiza and the restoration of Teatro Pereira, amongst other projects. This architecture, engineering and design studio opened in April 2009. Besides from Jordi Carreño -Main Architect, Project Manager and Designer- the team is completed by Leticia Calvo -Engineer and Project Manager-; Mónica Fullana -Senior Architect and Designer- and Rafael Segui -Senior Architect and Designer-.

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