The presale of tickets for Time Warp Mannheim 2014, including a limited number of the “Early Bird” tickets, will be launched on December 12th. Therefore this date marks the beginning of the countdown to the festival. The year 2014 holds great significance for Time Warp, seeing as a special edition of the festival is imminent: namely its 20th anniversary, an event that doesn’t come around every day. In order to measure up to this special occasion and leave a lasting impression on the visitors the process of planning and preparation is already in full swing.

The sixth edition of Time Warp Netherlands has only just gone off without a
hitch. Nevertheless, the preparations for the next edition of Time Warp in the
Maimarkthalle in Mannheim are already going strong, seeing as a very special
occasion is coming up. On 5th April 2014, Time Warp Mannheim, one of the oldest
indoor techno-festivals worldwide, will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. As of
December 12th it will be possible to secure a place at the event. On precisely this
day the presale of the strictly limited “Early Bird” tickets will be launched,
triggering off the countdown to the anniversary celebration at the same time.
The preparations are entering the crucial phase and everyone familiar with Time
Warp knows for a fact that the hosts always aim at creating a very special
experience for their visitors. Every effort to live up to this standard on the part
of both artists and festival producers will be made, with special regards to the

Furthermore, all worldwide fans of Time Warp, who won’t be able to make it to
the anniversary in Mannheim, will be catered for in the future. In the context of
the 20th anniversary the trademark of Time Warp will become even more
international. After having successfully launched editions of Time Warp both in
the Netherlands and Italy, the expansion of the Time Warp Experience will be
carried forward to even more countries in 2014. At this moment further details
are not available, but will be released as soon as possible.