Nachtiville announces its first wave of artists for the inaugural edition in November: As you would come to expect from the team who are also responsible for long-running summer mainstay Nachtdigital, it’s a fine mixture of Techno and House with a hint of Experimentalism.

Hessle Audio tastemaker Ben UFO is standing side by side with rising star Lena Willikens and Nachtdigital residents Manamana, while Job Jobse, Sandrien, ROD, Dollkraut, David Cornelissen and Dekmantel Soundsystem make a strong stand for locally bred talent. A main focus of the festival are showcases which will – for the length of a whole night – give the musical reins of certain stages into the hands of trusted crews: Giegling will present a night with key label figures Dustin, Ateq and Kettenkarussell plus a special collaborative liveact by Vril and Voiski (aptly named “Vrilski”). Workshop also feature with a strong lineup: Label head Lowtec will be joined by home artists and friends Benjamin Brunn, Even Tuell, Resom and MM/KM – the latter being another remarkable live collab (between Mix Mup and Kassem Mosse). So it seems that Nachtiville will keep its promise: Following the lines of ever reliable Nachtdigital programming, the new festival in the Netherlands presents a hand-picked program of quality music that will both satisfy nervous feet as well as hungry ears and thirsty brains. A second wave of acts is to be expected in a few weeks.

David Cornelissen
Dekmantel Soundsystem
Head High
Job Jobse
Lena Willikens

Vrilski (Vril & Voiski)

Workshop & Family:
Benjamin Brunn
Even Tuell
MM/KM (Mix Mup & Kassem Mosse)

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