“No Historical Backspin” is an initiative started 15 years ago by Monika Kruse to help the fight against xenophobia, racism and intolerance, as well as to provide aid to the victims of right-wing facism. As we have seen with the recent refugee crisis, there have been many brutal attacks against refugee camps. This is why we have decided to take action and work in collaboration with Monika Kruse to throw a last minute party.

With all revenues going to Berlin based refugee shelters, as well as to the Helpers for the Orient organization (Orienthelfer e.V.) in Lebanon. Helpers for the Orient (Orienthelfer e.V.) is an organization which aims to provide essential needs to very large refugee camps in Lebanon. In recent years we have organized many Watergate parties in a variety of venues throughout Beirut, a big reason as to why we want to provide as much help as possible. Additionally, in light of the current crisis, the small neighbouring country of Syria faces many challenges that it simply cannot face on its own – this is why we must help! No room for Nazis. Refugees welcome!

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