Last May, all eyes turned to the new, spectacular elrow debut at Shanghai with a new awe inspiring stage design and light show.

On Friday 19th January, Ibiza’s craziest party returns to Shanghai with Sambodromo do Brasil, one of elrow wildest format: a feast of the senses with actors, dancers, and acrobats joining modern club DJs to create an explosion of a clubbing experience.

DJs crashed deep in the forest, pulsating rhythms, wild animals, lost explorers and fun-loving jungle dwellers. What’s to go wrong? Pretty much everything but a healthy dose of samba and carnival soon electrify this eccentric and assorted crowd. Lost in the foliage anything can happen and you’re right in the middle. So get dancing!

DJing amid the foliage will be Mario Biani, Eddy M and Jasmine Li.

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