elrow announce return to spiritual home of Viladecans, Barcelona on 30th March 2018 with their extraordinary Nomads, The New World theme and launch innovative new app.

Escape the tedium of everyday life, dive headfirst into the nearest portal and tear through past, present and future, as medieval knights, Egyptian pharaohs, Bedouins and even diminutive aliens join you on a wondrous journey that crash-lands within a gloriously jumbled dimension. Don’t worry, the new inhabitants only have one thing on their mind: to party, and you’ll have little choice but to join them while navigating a dazzling world that is truly unforgettable.

Continuing their reputation for innovation, the elrow experience has now become a lot more convenient in the form of a new app. Relive past glories or start planning the forthcoming ones with friends, as every global show sits in a handy calendar that breaks down themes, location and running times, in addition to the photos, videos and useful info that gather at your fingertips. Purchasing tickets is also seamless, with every purchase stored in the app and simply needed to be shown at the door, leaving party-goers more time to discover one of elrow’s iconic parties.

Buy tickets here: https://www.elrow.com/es/events/359/barcelona-nomads-new-world-03302018

Elrow’s new app can be downloaded from Android Play or the Apple Store.