Vintage by Sebastian Gamboa returns this season 2018 to fill the night of Fridays at Lío Club Ibiza with the best House classics.

Vintage by Sebastian Gamboa come back in what will be its eighth season at Lío Ibiza. The quintessential House music party – and a must for the public of the island – starts a new season next Friday, 25th of May.

During 20 consecutive Fridays -from 25th May to 5th October -, the party of Sebastian Gamboa, DJ and musical producer, as well as icon of the Ibiza night, will delight the audience with a sublime selection of House Music, a mix of newest tracks of the genre and timeless classics.

The party returns to Lío Ibiza with new surprises, greater production in terms of decoration, renewed show and costumes, surprising themes, more guest artists, more live performances and, of course, more vinyl. All this, without forgetting the essence of always and betting on a closer experience between client and Dj.

Let you seduce by the magic of Vintage every Friday at Lío Ibiza.