Miami’s revered Do Not Sit On The Furniture is making a much anticipated debut in Europe with a spectacular season of events at Heart Ibiza. Running every Thursday from June 7th to September 27th and spearheaded by pivotal underground artist Behrouz, the party will offer intimate vibes and tasteful line-ups. It promises to bring something truly different to the White Isle with guests like Cassy, Sasha, Lindstrom live, Robag Wruhme, Moscoman, Martin Buttrich, Tim Green, Matthias Meyer and many more all playing throughout the season.

Behrouz is an esteemed DJ with a sound you can’t label. It’s a musical journey through different genres that he calls “right music for the right place at the right time.” A set from him draws on all his experience of 30 plus years of music in one night. He is a long time Burning Man and Robot Heart favourite who founded the Do Not Sit On The Furniture party in Miami and has gone on to take it around the world. It has become known as an expressive party with Burning Man inspired decor, fresh DJ bookings and a vital team of residents who all know how to serve up a unique musical experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Do Not Sit On The Furniture is an underground movement dedicated to fresh and meaningful dance music, and it started at a time when commercial sounds prevailed in Miami. The club is all about love, good music and building a community, all the while aiming to give something back. Only a few places in the world have been built with this in mind, so just like Hacienda in the UK and Vinyl in New York, curator Behrouz is driven by offering a quality party rather than making profit. The party plays out in a sophisticated and personal environment with only 130 guests each time. The DJs are connoisseurs booked for their musical knowledge rather than their big name. and that policy has helped make the night a cult favourite.

All of those carefully considered musical vibes, core values and friendly atmospheres will also characterise Do Not Sit when it lands in Ibiza at the brilliant Heart. This club is a high class and truly creative experience that fuses gastronomy, live performance art and world-class live music, and also has an open air terrace and immersive club space, so is a perfect home for Do Not Sit.

The very special new season kicks off on June 7th with a live set from Rodriguez Jr, plus a DJ set from Cassy, Behrouz and residents. After that, the rest of the residency will cover plenty of innovative house and techno styles and will see the likes of venerated veteran Sasha, disco king Lindstrom live, Guy Laliberté, founder of worldwide artistic entertainment powerhouse Cirque du Soleil, Pampa’s minimal master Robag Wruhme, tech innovators like Nico Stojan, Holmar, Atish, Hoj, Timujin, Cocoon’s Tim Green, prog duo Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, disco house kings Marvin & Guy, raw analogue master and Disco Halal chief Moscoman, studio wizard Martin Buttrich, plus Matthias Meyer, Luca Bachetti and plenty of surprise guests play along the way. What’s more, the events on July 6th and August 2nd are co-produced with Babel and Gazgolder Club respectively for an extra special layer of excitement.

The scene is all set, then, for Do Not Sit On The Furniture to make an immediate and lasting impact with its first ever series of events in Ibiza.


Jun 07 (Opening) – Behrouz, Rodriguez Jr LIVE, Cassy, DNS Resident
Jun 14 – Behrouz, Sasha, Lindstrom LIVE, DNS Resident
Jun 21 – Behrouz, Guy Laliberte, Holmar
Jun 28 – Behrouz, Robag Wruhme, Powel

Jul 05 – Behrouz, Nico Stojan, Holmar, Nicolas Matar
Jul 12 – Behrouz, Nu, Milo Hafliger
Jul 19 – Behrouz, Atish, Be Svendsen, DNS Resident
Jul 26 – (BABEL) Behrouz, Hoj, TBA, Babel Resident

Aug 02 – (GAZG) Behrouz, Timujin, Gab Rhome, Gaz G Resident
Aug 09 – Behrouz, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Brian CID
Aug 16 – Behrouz, Marvin & Guy, Moscoman
Aug 23 – Behrouz, Martin Buttrich, Ruede Hagelstein
Aug 30 – Special Guests TBA, Tim Engelhardt

Sep 06 – Behrouz, Sasha, DNS Resident
Sep 13 – Behrouz, Matthias Meyer, Luca Bachetti, DNS Resident
Sep 20 – Behrouz, Tim Green
Sep 27 (Closing) – Behrouz, Nu, Be Svendsen, Mira

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