On July 26, Joseph Capriati will host “Joseph Capriati Invites” for the very first time in Ibiza, following unforgettable parties in Amsterdam and Barcelona.

This special occasion falls on Joseph’s birthday, providing an opportunity to see the Italian techno torchbearer spinning at the popular and exclusive Destino venue. Open-air, stunning sunsets and panoramic views from the hills of Talamanca are the perfect ingredients to inspire Joseph into a groovy techno set that brings in elements of house and a dash of the island’s Balearic spirit.

Adding to the excitement, Joseph will invite a very special guest soon-to-be-announced and 2 other artists of his team. True to the party’s concept, the guests DJs will also be friends of Joseph’s, so their chemistry in the booth can create spontaneous magic when the moment strikes.

The underground vibe of Joseph Capriati Invites in such a breathtaking location will make for an incredible day not to be missed. Save the date and prepare for a unique, Ibiza celebration like only Capriati can create.

Info: http://destinoibiza.com.