The Metropole Orkest and the Dutch modular synth artist Colin Benders will jointly participate in the opening concert of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) of 2018. This takes place on Wednesday 17th October in the Melkweg. Ticket sales start on Saturday, June 9th at 10:00.

After the successful composition and performance of Scripted Orkestra with Henrik Schwarz in 2016 and Fool with Jameszoo in 2017, the Metropole Orkest (MO) will return to the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), an initiative of Buma. The Grammy award-winning orchestra will once again organise the opening concert in the Melkweg this year and for this edition it will join forces with the Dutch modular synth artist Colin Benders (formerly known as Kyteman). Although he has distanced himself from his much-loved trumpet playing and orchestral events generally, he is experimenting with the Metropole Orkest (MO) under the direction of chief conductor Jules Buckley.

Starting point are Colin’s livestreams with his ‘machine’ that he has recently launched. During these sessions, he improvised original electronic music from scratch. How this music will be translated into a live performance with full orchestra is still a question mark, but with the talent and experience of Colin and the urge for experimentation and improvisation of the MO under Jules Buckley. the partnership could well be a dream match.

Said Benders: “Jules and I have been talking about a joint project for years, but I never expected my electronics to be the trigger. This makes it a very exciting project that I look forward to with great anticipation.”

Colin Benders & Metropole Orchestra takes place on Wednesday 17th October in the Rabozaal of Melkweg. Ticket sales start on Saturday 9 June at 10:00 am, and tickets are available via Ticketmaster and the ADE site

The event is also accessible to people in possession of an ADE Pass.

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