STRAF_WERK returns to the industrial Kromhouthal on Friday 19th of Octobre to welcome Kölsch and his label IPSO for the first time during ADE. IPSO matches  Kölsch to befriended artists or musical heroes and hosts exclusive collaborations. Recondite and Marcus Worgull play in a B2B setting and Tiga joins this list of headliners. Anna, Denis Horvat, Eli Iwasa and Bas Dobbelaer complete the line-up.
IPSO: New label, established names
Kölsch his new label focuses on collaborations with befriended artists or musical heroes. The first EP was a partnership between Michael Mayer and the label owner. Both artists were allowed to bring one instrument only to the studio. This experiment led to Dogma 1 and Dogma 2. IPSO recently announced the release of three tracks that Kölsch and Tiga made in a joint effort. Hence the performance of Tiga during STRAF_WERK ADE.

Ingenious house and techno in Kromhouthal
The Germans Recondite and Marcus Worgull are on stage as one act during their B2B set. Both artists are allied to the leading label Innervisions whereof Worgull performs as a resident of the label on a regular basis. Amsterdam local Bas Dobbelaer, playing mesmerizing sets, joins this pack of international artists in area 1.
The Brazilian ANNA made name for herself with her seductive yet heavy-hitting brand of techno. Fellow citizen Eli Iwasa follows the sound of ANNA but distinguishes herself due to her melodic twist. Together with Denis Horvat, these artists make the line-up in area 2. Horvat is known for his eclectic style as he effortlessly mixes different genres in a narrative set. Innervisions picked up the Dane as well.
Industrial Kromhouthal stage for warehouse spectacle
The golden days of the old Kromhouthal factory are over and in 2009 the massive (5000m2) warehouse was up for a new development plan. Due to her raw and industrial character, the warehouse was transformed into a creative hotspot. Nowadays the venue has gained her own unique, artistic status in Amsterdam’s nightlife. The perfect match for STRAF_WERK ADE.


Date: Friday Octobre 19th
Time: 11PM – 7AM
Location: De Kromhouthal
Tickets: €27,50
Kölsch [extended set]
Recondite b2b Marcus Worgull
Denis Horvat
Eli Iwasa
Bas Dobbelaer