THE WILDEST PARTY ON EARTH. If you dare to be different… If you are without prejudice… If you love living on the edge… If exploring your wildest fantasies makes you tick … Welcome to Europe’s biggest fetish fantasy event. Visitors from all over the globe will gather for a spectacular night filled with entertainment. Get ready for the ‘Revolution’ edition.

DATE: Saturday November 24, 2018
TIME: 22.00 till 06.00
LOCATION: Northsea Venue, Hemkade 48, Amsterdam-Zaandam, Netherlands

Four Dance floors, Six stages, Loung, Fully Equipped Dungeon, Relax Area, Smoking room, First Aid and more …
BUS SERVICE: Shuttle busses between Amsterdam Central Station (NH Hotel Barbizon Palaze) and Northsea venue.

Lucien Foort, Funkerman, S.K.T. (UK), Soulvation, Clark Kent (DE), Ben Manson (FR), Killian Sawn, Emiel Roche, and many more …

Kabinet Azar, Run Paint Run and more …

Choreographed shows, Kristopher Canavan (UK), Fashion Shows, Mistress hibiki (JP)
Cheddar Gorgeous (UK) Go-Go Fuckers, Olifanttakeover, Shoe Shine Slave, Double Trouble Berlin & Jolee Love (DE), The Viper Squat and many more ….

Dress code – The decision of the Bitch is final!
Wasteland has a strict dress code. We expect our guests to expose creativity and fantasy into their outfits. The dress code is vigorously checked by our Doorbitches. The door is the actual place where the playing begins. There are no ticket refunds if the dress code is not adhered to.

Dress code guideline: Fetish-Burlesque, Fetish Glamour, Body Art, Fetish Animal, Cross-Dress, Medical, Fetish Goth, Fetish Steampunk, Baroque, Uniforms, Leather, Metal, Plastic, Latex. (Casual Street wear & combat army uniforms are NOT allowed). For inspiration check out