Climate change seemed to be going in the other direction as the 19th Cocoon Ibiza season blasted off in May at Pacha. Late aUGUST, the sun has got his hat on and soon time for a full dose of vitamin Destino.

With great pleasure we announce this 3rd Cocoon DayTime event of 2018. Destino is the only choice. It is stunning and it brings ocean without attitude. Every time we have got together there has been a zing. There has been zest. There have been warm fuzzy feelings filed away. Ibiza stuff.

Pop the 30th of August and 5pm into all of your reminder apps. Or tattoo it somewhere.

For this 3th event we present:


Join us on the 30th of August for the third of a memorable series of lovingly prepared Cocoon DayTime events.

Tickets here.