Ibiza is the spiritual heartland for the electronic music community and this emblematic island will host key players including DJs, artists and their fans who have congregated here this week to attend the premier global awards show for the industry: the 21st edition of the DJ Awards.

Founder Jose Pascual explains, “Being considered the ‘Oscars’ of the electronic music world and with this year’s theme paying homage to Disco, the music genre which sowed the very first seed of the DJ phenomena – it is only natural with today’s exponential surge in streaming to showcase the latest and most innovative developments in digital music. For the first time ever, the DJ Awards will present a showcase being performed live using the disruptive technology of Omnio Sound at the press reception held at the OD Ocean Drive Hotel. This will also be the first occasion that this immersive audio technology will be experienced in the public domain.‘’

Omnio Sound technology will be activated live during the DJ set at the press reception for all attendees to experience, with representatives at hand to explain the process and how entertainment professionals and streaming platforms can engage with this revolutionary technology.

According to Omnio Sound’s CEO Bernt Böhmer, “The electronic music industry is constantly striving to take music lovers to the next level in both live events and via streaming, and our aim is to boost the fan experience by pushing the frontiers of the digital engagement process. Our background has always been about developing the latest technology to ensure the best human experience —which makes the DJ Awards in Ibiza the ideal location to showcase Omnio Sound for the first time ever.

About Omnio Sound
Omnio Sound is an audio technology format which takes the biological approach using psychoacoustics to enable audiences to feel spatial presence in all music playback, described as a sense of immersion and actually felt as a physical sensation creating a significantly higher level of excitement.

The team have over 30 years’ experience in audio technology and through the latest research combined with machine-learning algorithms, have developed and patented this ground-breaking process which is considered the much-awaited evolutionary upgrade after the shift from Mono to Stereo.

Omnio Sound was envisioned to enable audiences to feel the same sensations experienced at live shows: a profound feeling of depth arises whereby one becomes present with the music and deeply connected to the essence of the intention of the artist.

For more information, please visit www.omniosound.com.