OpenLab, the forward thinking radio station and arts platform, returns to 106.4 FM in Ibiza and Formentera and online via from 1st May 2019. Building on its reputation for expertly curated content and uncompromising vision, this multi-media channel will bring the best of tomorrow’s music and visual art to people all around the world.

This relaunch comes with several exciting new developments. With a renewed vision, fresh energy, updated imagery and programming, and with exciting regular new shows hosted by eminent, diverse talent, including DJ Seinfeld, B-Traits and Fink, plus shows from iconic independent labels such as Ninja Tune, BBE and Stones Throw, OpenLab looks to regain its position as a leading global creative hub.

Complimenting these new hosts, and core to OpenLab’s ‘lean back’ appeal, is its thoughtful music programming connecting listeners to the infinite world of electronic music, with non-stop programming of regularly updated, meticulously curated playlists, delivering daily soundtracks to suit every mood and moment, from the future pioneers, open minded labels and dynamic artists of ‘Tomorrow’s World Today’.

Within a 24-hour journey on OpenLab, you will experience a constantly changing musical story, Sunset to Sunrise: Morning: Indie Electronica, Nu Soul | Afternoon: Ambient House, Broken Beats | Sunset: Chill-Tech, Balearic Electric | Evening: Experimental House, Electro | Night: Deep Electronic, Future Techno | Late Night: IDM, Experimental | Dawn: Ambient, Healing Frequencies.

Visually, OpenLab will continue to expand its library through partnerships with galleries, independent artists, designers and architects, ensuring that the platform not only be sonically spectacular but visually inspiring as well, pairing beautiful music with cutting edge art, photography and mixed media design.

Complimenting OpenLab’s multimedia approach is an in-person strategy that will see OpenLab launch a series of exclusive, invite-only events in secret locations In Ibiza this summer. Imitating the online experience, OpenLab events fuse live artists and DJs with visual art and installations.

Last but certainly not least, OpenLab has launched a professional live recording studio in Barcelona, with another to follow later this month in Ibiza’s stunning Hangar 8289. A third studio in Downtown LA will be live towards the end of the year. These studios will provide unique opportunities to artists, both upcoming and established, to create high quality audio and visual compositions. OpenLab’s ambitious content creation strategy will aid the platform to become a portal of choice for creative and culturally interested individuals from all over the globe.

The ambitious return of OpenLab is news the team hope that will bring a smile to the face of real lovers of independent music, art and culture. Managing Director, Quentin ‘TinTin’ Chambers (himself a prominent figure in dance music culture, having founded both the UK’s legendary ‘Energy’ raves in the late 80’s, and the pioneering online-radio station in the late 90’s) said ‘We’re incredibly proud of what Robert created and to be taking his vision forward. In a world dominated by huge platforms offering only a tyranny of choice and creative mediocracy, there is honestly nothing quite like OpenLab out there. This has been demonstrated by the enormous support we have been receiving this last year from the community, and I ask all those who are creatively minded listening in, lean back and let us know what you think.’

Loss of A Legend

In the wake of the tragic passing of OpenLab founder Robert Miles, the dance music icon’s visionary station went offline. But now, after a period of reflection and rejuvenation, Ibiza’s most beloved and creatively impassioned platform is back, led by the company’s previous management and creative team.

From the start, Robert’s goal was clear: to recapture the avant-garde eclecticism for which Ibiza was originally famous. In a short time, the multimedia discovery platform offered a real alternative to mainstream curation. It embraced work from hundreds of independent record labels, exciting new producers, artists and DJs, picking up hundreds of thousands of fans internationally and press support from the likes of Vogue, Mixmag, Spears, Condé Nast Traveler and many more.

Remaining True to Our Roots

In order for the focus to be firmly on music and art of the highest quality, with no compromises or concessions, OpenLab will continue to be an autonomous and independent platform that supports like-minded artists, labels and creatives. The music will not be stopped for regular ad breaks and the company respects its user’s data. As such, and for the time being, OpenLab encourages its fans and community to support the mission through donations via the website. Not only will these donations keep the platform alive, they allow OpenLab to balance its integrity with the commercial realities of the business. Those that donate also receive access to special events, exclusive content and updates as a thank you for joining the cause.

Robert Miles forward thinking radio station OpenLab to re-open this summer.

  • Globally Online via – Ibiza and Formentera on 106.4 FM –
  • New music programming and artist exclusives, including regular shows DJ Seinfeld, B-Traits and Fink-
  • OpenLab to launch series of invite-only events from secret locations in Ibiza this summer-