Guy J and his Lost & Found imprint, alongside Ozmozis, dance music events company, revealed the following exciting lineup of international artists for the first North American edition of the We Are Lost Festival:

  • Guy J, Israel
  • HOSH, Germany
  • Eli Nissan, Israel
  • Audiojack, United Kingdom
  • Rodriguez Jr., France
  • Guy Mantzur, Israel
  • Alberto Jossue, Canada
  • Ceelos, Canada

The festival is taking place in Toronto at Evergreen Brick Works on Sunday, August 11, 2019, and is already creating a captivating buzz amongst music enthusiasts.

We Are Lost Festival in Toronto will have an intimate setting and is anticipated to draw a sophisticated and respectful audience from Canada and the international community.

“The lineup for the first North American edition of We Are Lost Festival is crafted in a way that brings out the familiar Lost & Found sound, but also gives emphasis to each producer’s unique style,” says Guy J.

The festival first took place in Amsterdam in 2018 and again in May of this year, with guests, artists and promoters describing both occasions as beautiful and compelling.Tickets for We Are Lost in Toronto can be purchased at