The unpredictable and boundary-bending nature of Diynamic label head Solomun is one that has seen him hold down his revered ‘Solomun+1’ residency at iconic Ibiza clubbing landmark, Pacha. Heading into the recently announced 7th Edition, Solomun adds a new twist to his residency, bringing fresh live acts on board as his ‘+1’ with ‘Solumun+Live’ at open air, poolside clubbing paradise, Destino.   
Bringing his dynamite party formula to the poolside at Destino for a forth events, Solomun presents four expertly crafted and innovative line up’s to perfectly match his new setting. For the inaugural show, Luxembourg’s Francesco Tristano merges the worlds of composition and classical with experimental techno; embodying the forward-thinking nature of Solomun’’s residency. Meanwhile, Berlin-based electronic production band, GHEIST (Live) bring their progressive sound seeing house and techno textures blended to deliver a melodic journey. Techno marching band, MEUTE (Live) are sure to deliver an alternative danceable experience fusing driving hypnotic techno with lively and expressive brass band music for their performance, whilst Northern Irish underground upstart, New Jackson (Live) promises to bring his jammin’, disco-tinted brand of house to the series closing party.
The simple Solomun + 1 formula saw Solomun invite one guest to play their own set. After which, the Dynamic label boss and global house tastemaker plays his own solo set before finally going back to back with his guest. For ‘Solomun+Live’ Solomun welcomes live acts as his ‘+1’. Returning home to the White Isle for another season, Solomun sets out to surprise the crowd once more, under his new concept.
Solomun+Live takes place at Destino on 20th of June, 18th July, 8th August & 4th October 2019. 

20th June – Solomun + Live @ Pacha:
Solomun + Francesco Tristano
18th July – Solomun + Live @ Pacha: 
Solomun + GHEIST (live)
8th August – Solomun + Live @ Pacha: 
Solomun + MEUTE (live)
4th October – Solomun + Live – Destino Closing party: 
Solomun + New Jackson (live)