The wildest party on earth welcomes you and guests from all over the world to it’s Berlin underground edition! An outrageous night of fetish fantasy extravaganza picked with spectacularly outrageous entertainment…”

Funkerman <Wasteland Amsterdam> | Jam El Mar <Truesoul Records> | Criss Source <Parquet Records> | Clark Kent <KitKatClub> | Micky Markowitz <Tribehouse> | Rony Golding <SEXY | Revolver> | Maringo <KitKatClub> | Green <Piepshow> | Marc Lange <Revelation Brussels> | Der PUK <electrosound Berlin> | Valerian <Ambient> | and more….!

Wannabe a Star – Live <NL> | Joey Love <Berlin> | Marnie Scarlet <UK> | Olifantakeover <NL> | Tom Harlow <UK> | Double Trouble <Berlin> | Twice Shy Peepshow <UK> | Succuba Pegula & Friends – Flesh/Medical/Suspension <Berlin> | The ROBOTS – Fetish Stilt Walkers <BEL> | Tatjana Warnecke <Berlin> |KINOKO Benjamin Langholz Shibari <USA> | La Lolly and Belle Dommage <NL> | Alex Dermatis <Surreal KitKatClub Bondage> | Photo Box by Arthur Pluta | Barber Shop Berlin | Candy Boys + Girls | Go Go Fuckers <NL> | Shoe Shine Slaves <Berlin> | and many more….!

Run Paint Run <Amsterdam>

Heinrich von Schimmer <Berlin> + Peter Dircken <Antwerp>

4 DJ Floors | 4 Show Stages | Surreal Visuals + Special Effects | Play Areas + Dungeons | Lounges | Chill Zones | Sauna | Massage | Blacklight Bodypainting | Caribbean Catering | Fresh Fruit Service | Cotton Candy + Pop Corn | Pool | Smoking Area | First Aid | and more….

STRICT DRESSCODE | The decision of the bitch is final!
Leather, Uniforms, Plastic, Rubber, School Boys + Girls, Metal, Cross-Dress, Fetish-Burlesque, Fetish Glamour, Medical, Body Art, Fetish-Goth, Fetish Steam Punk, Baroque | No casual street wear. No combat army dress.
Ticket price: 45,00