Flower Power Pacha Ibiza says goodbye to summer 2019 next Wednesday October 2nd. Head by promoter Made in Italy Ibiza, the party inspired by the culture of the 60s and the hippie spirit of the White Isle closes another summer full of emotions and enthusiastic nights.

On Wednesdays, there are no limits or labels on the dance floor of the cherry club. Dancing and smiling is the simple claim of an intergenerational party that, true to its origins, celebrates fun as a community. 39 years have passed since that summer of 1980 when Pacha said yes to peace, love and music as a way of life and celebration.

With a sensational show and music by DJ Joan Ribas, on October 2nd, David Bowie, Ray Charles, James Brown, Bob Marley, Tina Turner and Queen will be on stage for the last time in 2019; and Pacha will become a psychedelic universe to say goodbye to a fantastic summer. 

«The culture of the 60s is an infinite universe of inspiration. The values of that decade still have full meaning 50 years later. All of this, together with a global entertainment symbol such as Pacha, makes Flower Power a unique experience, which this 2019 has shined across 19 incredible sessions in the endless Ibiza night», states the promoter Rossano Lucidi. 

Flower Power by Pacha Closing Party! October 2nd at Pacha Ibiza.


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