World renowned Brazilian club D-Edge has now been at the sharp end of the South American scene for 20 years. To celebrate, a world class line up of names has been unveiled for April 25th, with Anthony Linell aka Abdulla Rashim, Cesare vs Disorder, Derrick May, DJ Marky, Technasia, DJ Masda, Fur Coat, Marco Resmann, WhoMadeWho [live], DJ Mau Mau & Anderson Noise and many more all playing.

The Sao Paulo club—under the direction of resident DJ and producer Renato Ratier—is known for its clean and futuristic design, sleek lines, crisp LED walls and diverse underground line-ups that take in the best house and techno DJs from around the world. They also make stars of lots of local talents, and of course have two labels, D Edge and also Olga, plus one of the finest sound systems in the world. They have hosted parties all round the world, including a stage at the iconic EXIT Festival, and have long been driving the Brazilian scene forwards as well as regularly making DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll.

Says owner Renato Ratier, “It takes a lot of nerve, courage, creativity, strength and persistence if you are going to do something for 20 years and leave your mark. Glad I made it, but sure there is still plenty to come, so hold on and tune into our big news in 2020 and beyond. Thank you to all of you who have been part of this amazing journey.”

The line up brings suitably large stars to the club, with the likes of Detroit techno icon Derrick May, Brazilian drum & bass hero DJ Marky, sleek and futuristic techno from Anthony Linell aka Abdulla Rashim, house minimalist DJ Masda, who runs Japan’s cult Cabaret label and fellow minimal innovator Cesare vs Disorder, main room techno titan Technasia plus top European tech house talents Fur Coat, Marco Resmann and a live show from Kompakt’s WhoMadeWho, more greatness from Brazilians DJ Mau Mau & Anderson Noise and many more.

This is a huge birthday event that brings a wide range of world class names to this most pivotal club, with more to come.