Traditionally, ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) is the kick-off of the year for music lovers and professionals from departments of the music industry; to discover new talent and to talk about the developments in European music. In any case, the 35th edition of the ESNS festival and conference (January 13 – 16, 2021) will be in a different light due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The music industry has been hit immensely. The festival season and club concerts have been cancelled. The acts that were very successful during ESNS 2020 cannot reap their rewards through an ETEP show this year. Numerous musicians and music professionals see their activities and therefore income disappear completely.

ESNS’s mission is to stimulate and push the circulation of European music across the European continent as well as beyond. And that’s more relevant this year than ever before. For the upcoming edition, the organisation is breaking with the traditional spotlight of one European country, but opts for a focus on Europe to underline the importance of European music once again.

ESNS is following developments closely, but intends, in whatever form, to release an edition in January that, after unprecedented major setbacks, can contribute to the development of the European music industry. With the recent events fresh in memory, new experiences and undoubtedly with new insights and challenges, ESNS wants to contribute as constructively as possible to building a new future.

Therefore, ESNS is calling on all European artists to apply to play at its 2021 edition. Applications can be submitted via until September 1, 2020. No matter what, ESNS will ensure that European music will get the exposure it deserves.