Under normal circumstances many quality electronic music fans would’ve gathered on the green fields of the Amsterdamse Bos for a sun-filled edition of 909 Festival. Of course, we’re not letting this go by unnoticed!
This Saturday 909 Festival presents the 909 Forest Sessions. Five hours of exclusive sets in high-quality audio accompanied by truly stunning views of the Amsterdamse Bos. Five true 909 legends will be performing exclusive sets shot at the landmark radar tower overlooking the 909 Festival terrain.
In contrast to the mostly sold out festival, the livestream doesn’t have a limit to the amount of people joining in on the fun.

Back in 2011, Loveland decided it was time for a revolution. A revolution in honour of the machine that came to define house and techno music as we know it today; the iconic Roland TR-909 drum machine.
Revolution909 was born and over time transformed into the 909 Festival as we know it today. From the get-go 909 Festival was a real fan-favourite, mostly thanks to its intimate vibe, natural surroundings and top-quality lineups.
At the base of each lineup there were a few basic rules; celebrating the pioneers, inviting fresh quality artists and supporting the locals.
This week should’ve been all about 909 Festival 2020 and it hurts to think we’re missing out on one of our favourite days of the year. Sad it may be, we are down to party with you nonetheless!
Tune in or share the livestream with your fans, this Saturday May 30th from 7pm till midnight CEST. The livestream will be available on the 909 Facebook page, 909 Youtube channel and 909.nl.