Once again the dance music community has come together for The Cause, having just raised over £20,000 to keep the doors open after the pandemic. With seventeen days left of the clubs Crowdfunder, The Cause now fights against the odds to launch a massive new room bringing the total number of dance spaces within the complex to eight. As is the case for all venues, it is not yet known when it can open for late-night club shows but super early bird tickets can be purchased on The Cause’s crowdfunder at a discounted rate HERE to help complete the build. See images HERE.

Whilst currently in it an unfinished state, the new room tentatively named ‘The Theatre’ will be it’s most ambitious to date sprawling across a huge triple-height warehouse attached to the club. More importantly for the next few months when outdoor spaces are of paramount importance, this addition will also double the club’s front terrace area allowing the club to focus on a daytime led food and drink offering.

The expansion will help the club to ride the storm of post-COVID events with vital extra room, maintaining capacity whilst increasing floor space. It will allow for various eventualities of social distancing and government regulations that may have made it commercially impossible to operate within before, ultimately increasing the chance of the club’s survival. 

Co-founder of The Cause, Stuart Glen says “We were set to unveil this space on Easter Thursday with a ridiculous unannounced back to back from two Chicago OG’s. There really would have been no club like it in the country. COVID has shattered our dreams and we have been close to abandoning this expansion due to financial constraints. We are now in a catch 22; we either give this back to our landlord, spending money to reinstate changes or we plough on, fundraise a little further and finish what we have started. Double or quits really, but we have faith in our community to make this happen!“

The Cause aims to reach a total of £35K on its Crowdfunder by the 8th of July to complete the work. The club is not just asking for donations to reach this but has a series of great value rewards. Alongside tickets for the first full-scale party in this room, are T-shirts, a selection of 2020 Solidarity posters (a Between Bridges project initiated by award-winning artist Wolfgang Tillmans), drinks, DJ lessons and live streams from the club.

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