elrow, together with all our international partners, are launching an exciting program to discover new up & coming talent and open the doors to some of the most prestigious DJ booths around the world.
To cultivate new talents inside electronic music is paramount to the growth of the industry and at elrow. We want to open our doors to two new artists, that through a set of challenges, they will be able to join our roster of artists for a minimum of one full year. Thus be put on the path to obtain independent success in their careers as DJs and producers.
In order to choose the artists that best fit the brand, we have three different panels of judges. For the whole duration of the program, we have our panel of elrow specialist judges. When we get to the last winning rounds, another panel of Industry specialist judges will join the panel to add all their expertise to the mix. And since the crowd has always been an integral part of our shows, for the last round we will also take into consideration the public voting as fans from home will be able to vote on the streams of the 10 final artists.
The two chosen winners will then be announced on a panel at ADE 2021 (Amsterdam Dance Event) in which they will be able to share their experiences so far, through the selection process and their expectations of the program. After the panel they will be able to meet and greet industry heavyweights at our industry drinks and demonstrate their value at our ADE event showcases.
From this moment on, their journey with elrow begins. For the next 12 months, the two artists selected are gearing up for the year of their lives. During this time both artists will be consulted by elrow specialists to make sure they are ready for the road and to be able to play in front of tens of thousands the people throughout the world at some our most iconic events. Our festivals elrow Town in London and Amsterdam, our residencies in Barcelona, Amnesia Ibiza, Brooklyn Mirage in New York or Fabrik Madrid. On top of these, they will be able to travel to a minimum of 15 other events spread across the whole world from the Americas to Asia with our global partners.
This program is open to everyone over 18 years old regardless of their country of residence.
The questionnaire to join is open from today 17th of March until the 14th of April through:
“Very, very happy to announce this great project we have been cooking for the past months! It’s been a long time that from elrow we wanted to give a chance to bedroom DJs and producers really working hard at home and give them a chance to enter a program tailor-made for them”
Juan Arnau Jnr – CEO & Founder elrow Family
“We have always tried to support the new and local talent wherever we go, so we are very proud to finally be able to introduce a new yearly program where we can give that same opportunity to bedroom DJs no matter where they are from”
Victor de la Serna – Music Director elrow Family

To find and co-create world class up & coming talent and help them build their careers in order to obtain independent success in the dance music industry.
We push to discover and promote the new headliners of tomorrow
Two international artists with DJ and production knowledge, 100% motivated and aligned with both our core and music values.