After the long and tough year 2020, one of the most legendary festivals on the international scene returns in the most spectacular way we can imagine.

During these last months the teams of Monegros and 8.6 have worked against the clock to find, buy and prepare an Airbus 330 that today will make a 10-hour challenging road trip where roads, urban furniture needed to be modified for the plane to arrive at the Monegros Desert Festival. It has been without a doubt the most complicated project that we have ever carried out to date.

To celebrate the arrival on the festival site, DJ Paco Osuna, an international techno benchmark and one of the headliners of the 2022 edition, will be streaming on July 22 on Monegros’ social networks.

On the date that the festival should have been held, on July 31, 2022, the first show will be broadcasted with part of the aircraft already assembled in the Monegros Desert Festival area. A session of the mythical ADAM BEYER that will be aired through many digital channels including Monegros social networks and Beatport Twitch channel.

This aircraft will remain at the festival and will be the “8.6 secret club”, the first Secret Club within the festival that will offer an immersive musical experience inside the fuselage of the aircraft. In the coming months, new communications will be sent about this activation and about the relaunch of the 2022 festival.