Circus Maximus 2021 is more than just a festival. It is the first step on a revolutionary road to putting partying back in the hands of the people and becoming the world’s first-ever DAO music festival. This year’s event runs 8th – 13th August at the world-renowned Noa Beach Club in Croatia, with full Covid-19 measures in place to keep everyone safe. Headliners include Da Tweekaz, Regard, Brennan Heart, Imanbek, Harris & Ford. All purchases with cryptocurrency via the web app at come as a digital NFT ticket, while purchases on the web at also come as an NFT ticket that is mined on your behalf and presented as a physical ticket.

DAO or Distributed Autonomous Organisation is an organisation that is run through rules encoded in smart contracts. DAO’s can be organised around common goals or interests. Although most DAOs are focused on finances, Circus Maximus is exploring how a music festival can be organised in a DAO way that allows the whole world to have their say.

The accomplished team behind the well-established Circus Maximus wants to transform the festival industry by making attendees an integral part of the story. The first step on this path is to put the festival in the hands of the community, who will then determine its continued existence with the help of new technologies, the crypto industry and DAO.

It means that in the future, Circus Maximus will have a smart contract holding the festival budget. It will lead to a completely community-governed festival where venue location, performers, budget distribution are decided by the community, to be held sometime in the future. A place for all kinds of music and art genres; all kinds of communities where freedom to party is guaranteed. All of this is powered by modern technology that enables a party renaissance that Noa team worked hard to build. They made a completely free open source software that everyone can already use for their purposes.

The first step on this ambitious path is to acquire an NFT ticket for this year’s festival. Dynamically priced, transferrable NFT ticket tokens are issued as a cryptographic token enabled by an ERC1155 smart contract on xDai chain. The ticket price is determined by the Bezier bonding curve. After acquiring your ticket, you check-in via an app and receive an NFT as a permanent digital record of the purchase, thereby making you part of the DAO in future.

The iconic setting for all this is the open-air Noa Beach Club on the stunning Zrce Beach, Island of Pag, Croatia with mesmeric views of the Adriatic Sea, world-class sound systems across its two stages and dance floors, 11 bars and exclusive VIP areas with pools, local boat parties and much more. The 5000 capacity event has a circus theme. This captures the vibe of being on a platform, above the water, under the open sky where a diverse and equal crowd is invited to have whatever fun they like without having to disguise themselves.

The time has come to revolutionise art, and Circus Maximus is here to start that revolution as the first-ever DAO music festival in the world.

Date: 8.08.2021

Location: Noa Beach Club, Zrce Beach  

Tickets: here

Website NFT Tickets: here