After being released at the end of 2020, “Balearic: Oral history of club culture in Ibiza” has been presented in numerous Spanish cities until its long-awaited presentation by the public and industry, in the place where the experiences and stories that its pages house, Ibiza.

The reasons are simple: both its authors, Luis Costa and Christian Len, as well as its publisher, Contra, wanted to present the book on the island with the fewest possible limitations, established by the different health protocols that have occurred due to the pandemic. still in force.

It is a pleasure for them to announce that the meeting will finally take place next Tuesday, September 21st – how could it be otherwise – at Pikes Hotel; one of the places that, in addition to being very present in the book, represents and maintains the authentic spirit and essence of the magical island, through which “Balearic: Oral history of club culture in Ibiza” travels.

In its less than a year of life, the book has been acclaimed by the public and critics around the world, being chosen as “Best musical book of 2020” by the specialized publication Mondosonoro and even chosen as “One of the 15 best 2020 books ”according to Pitchfork, one of the most respected and important music media internationally.

Some spanish press “blurbs”:

 “A detailed dissection of one of the most surprising cultural phenomena of the last half century in Europe” – Ignasi Moya in LA VANGUARDIA.

“The exciting evolution of club culture in Ibiza over six crazy decades” – Bruno Galindo in EL PAÍS

“Now that everything is suspended, a mirror-book enters the scene” – Jordi Bianciotto in EL PERIÓDICO


De 12:00 a 19:00h POOLSIDE SETS live @ Ibiza Sonica

Some of the essential names of Balearic, a term that the English coined in the late 1980s, will be playing all day in the Pikes pool. The premise is to bring a selection of those tracks that are most significant to them in their love history with the island.

Among the guests will be some of the most iconic DJs of the genre such as the Italian Giuseppe Nuzzo (DJ Pippi), mythical resident of Pacha during the ’80s and’ 90s, the Eivissenc Joan Ribas also a legendary resident of the club of the two cherries or the Milanese Leo Mas resident with DJ Alfredo of an Amnesia that would revolutionize the world of clubbing at the end of the ’80s.

Some of these DJs enjoyed exclusive and special material in their record case thanks to Joan Tur, son of the first generation of Ibiza record shops, who spent decades behind the counter of Delta Discos, one of the main record stores in Ibiza. He will also be behind the decks.

More names that represent different generations and also wear the Ibiza Sónica Ràdio shirt – which will be live throughout the afternoon are its founder, Igor Marijuan, a key figure in radio in Ibiza and ibicencan Valentin Huedo, who represents the generation of DJs that grew up during the Ibiza boom of the first decade of the 21st century.

An English representation could not be missing: the Mancunian Andy Wilson, specialist in Balearic and co-founder of Sónica along with his cabinmate in Pikes, Mark Broadbent, responsible for more than a decade of ‘We Love Space’. And opening for all of them the authors of the book and also DJs, Luís Costa and Christian Len.


The book will be presented in a choral format, in a talk moderated by Andy Wilson, seconded of course by the two authors, Luis Costa and Christian Len, but accompanied by a dozen of the 79 characters interviewed in the book and who represents different generations (from the ’60s to the present),  profession (DJ’s, promoters, record labels, journalists or club owners) and a music scenes (from Balearic sound to chill out or clubby sounds).

The authors wanted the presentation to be as plural as it is the book and have as many voices as possible with an Ibizan heart. That is why different generations of Ibizans are protagonists in a story that has been commonly explained and popularized by people outside the island. And in fact the brand new DIPEF (Associació de Dj’s i Productors d’Eivissa i Formentera) will be represented by several of its associates.

Among the participants of the talk will be the Ibizan Pepe Roselló, pioneer of the clubs in Ibiza with Playboy and creator of Space Ibiza, the Danish Jane Heegaard as an icon of the hippie era, Ulises Braun who would live from the bowels of Amnesia the explosion of 1987 , the legendary DJ Pippi one of the great names of the Balearic, Danny Whittle director in the first decade of the 2000s of Pacha and co-founder of the IMS, Dawn Hindle co-founder of Manumission and Ibiza Rocks, one of the Spanish house artists more internationals, Dj Oliver, and the promoter “Doumi” Busturia, creator of Woomoon or Storytellers and current creative guide of the Pacha group.

De 20.30 a 24:00 SUNSET TERRACE COCKTAIL + DJ SETS en directo por Pure Ibiza

After the talk, it will be the turn of the reunions in a “grand finale” courtesy of Goldtooth, a contemporary vermouth inspired by the mystical herbs of Eivissa. And this day can become a historical “Rendez-vous” for many influential figures of the white island.

The nighttime soundtrack will be connected with the club sounds. We must highlight the return to the DJ booths of Javier Soldado, the first resident of Space when it opened its doors back in 1989. David Moreno, the pioneer of electronic music radio in Ibiza, will also act as a presenter for the broadcast of Pure Ibiza Radio. And JAF,  aka Javier Ferrer ibicencan at the head of Metrica, the first recording studio in 3D and binaural sound in Ibiza. There will also be a benchmark of the golden age of house in Ibiza and a resident of Amnesia and ‘La Troya’, among other things: DJ Oliver, one of the most international Spanish house artists.

TAKE NOTE: Reservations are essential @ [email protected] both for daytime & nightime.

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