Frankfurt event specialist Bernd Breiter provided a highlight for “Space Week” at Expo 2020 Dubai with a live talk by Matthias Maurer.
The German Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai offered an extensive program on the subject of space travel as part of Space Week. The Frankfurt event specialist and creator of the WORLD CLUB DOME festival, Bernd Breiter, conducting a live video talk from Dubai with ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer in the USA, provided a significant highlight for the Expo.
Matthias Maurer will fly to the International Space Station on October 31, 2021, and begin his first mission. He is currently in Houston preparing for the mission titled “Cosmic Kiss” and the interview was conducted live from Houston to Dubai. 
“For as long as people have looked up at the night sky, they have asked themselves: ‘How did the universe come about’ ‘or ‘is there life elsewhere in the universe?’ These are the big questions that people have always asked. But very few of us will ever have the opportunity to fly into space. That’s why I want to take them with me and share my emotions, as well as everything I see and experience in space. I also want to talk about science from space. That’s why I asked my friend Bernd Breiter to help us, using his unique means of sharing information because he is a mastermind at connecting people,” says Matthias Maurer regarding his ideas and expectations of the mission.
In a live discussion, Matthias Maurer asked the WORLD CLUB DOME CEO about his vision “Entertainment Meets Space”. The aim: To combine entertainment and science, to bring the fascination of science closer to more people, but most importantly to inspire the universal fascination with space in young people everywhere. To do this, extraordinary event concepts have already started being implemented in cooperation with the European Space Agency.
The next project is already in the starting blocks and raring to go. On October 31, in Cape Canaveral’s Kennedy Space Center, visionary event organizer Bernd Breiter will hand Matthias Maurer the ingredients needed for a “Club Kitchen” set to take place on the International Space Station. With the “Space Club Kitchen,” all of mankind can sit together at the largest global dinner table in history. Prepare for an out-of-this-world Space Club Kitchen event launch in February 2022.
Conceived within the genius mind of the BigCityBeats CEO, the incredible concept will be the first international, global, and orbital event to connect kitchens, restaurants, the world of entertainment, music, politics, and sports with the ISS. “Seen from space, there are no borders that separate us. I want to demonstrate this by using the two languages that everyone knows and cherishes: They are, of course, music and food. These are truly the universal languages understood by every civilization and all of mankind.” To do this, the man from Frankfurt has traveled directly from the Expo in Dubai to Florida in the US to ensure that he can be there in person as Matthias Maurer’s mission begins.