Last Saturday, the Qlimax team outdid themselves yet again by organizing an unmissable 5 hour livestream within less than seven days’ notice. Hardstyle fans from all over 102 countries tuned in to Qlimax Distorted Reality for free through the Q-dance Network.

Due to a forced cancellation, the original event Qlimax The Reawakening, which was set to be the biggest indoor hardstyle event since the start of the pandemic, couldn’t take place in the GelreDome on November 20th. Known for their perseverance and creativity, Q-dance didn’t doubt for a second and produced a brand-new state-of-the-art digital festival experience. Qlimax Distorted Reality offered a new experience for fans with Augmented Reality and special effects incorporated into the show. Collaborating with artists like Sefa, Ran-D, and Sub Zero Project, the organization brought a high-energy and mesmerizing experience to 90,000 fans who tuned in from homes across the globe.

The livestream kicked off with Qlimax The Legacy, where virtual festival goers were taken on a trip down memory lane through 20 years of Qlimax. After four hours of legendary archive content, the specially-built stage setup was unveiled, taking viewers to a whole new realm. Created by decor pieces of the original Qlimax The Reawakening stage, festival-goers were able to experience the spectacular festival from home. Last weekend was the second time Qlimax managed to surprise its fans in the digital realm after last year’s success with Qlimax The Source, which was picked up by Netflix. Qlimax Distorted Reality has once again shown that the organization and its fanbase are unstoppable.

Sets from Qlimax Distorted Reality will be published on Q-dance Network very soon.