You are in the Monegros desert, a city with more than 50,000 citizens and only 24 hours of life, in which you immerse yourself into an unforgettable experience and then disappear without a trace as if it were a mirage. The only place in Europe where you will discover the true meaning of the acronym R.A.VE. Are you ready to live something unique that will never happen again in your life?

After two years of waiting, the call of the desert is no longer an illusion! Next Saturday, July 30, coinciding with its 29th anniversary, Monegros Desert Festival displays its most extraordinary production so far with more than ten stages, more than 100 artists of different musical genres, plus endless collaborations with musical groups, companies of street theatre and art.

No family tree can describe the history of the Arnau family since 1870. What began with a simple gathering among friends has become one of the giant raves on the planet, congregating more than 50,000 people.

Get ready to live a radical, audio, visual and extreme experience that will make everyone who steps on the desert have a memory for the rest of their lives. Do not let them tell you. This edition promises to go down in history!

And now, yes, Monegros Desert is ready to announce + 70% of it’s line-up!

Wu-Tang Clan, Paul Kalkbrenner Live, Chase & Status feat Mc and Vitalic Live, among the guest artists in this extreme 20-hour non-stop experience. More here.