As we roll towards August with Pikes in full flow as if it had never been away, we welcome the return of DJ Harvey’s signature Mercury Rising to the island from 15th August’ 22.

Coming to life in the heart of the hotel in Freddie’s, DJ Harvey will be playing every Monday up until the 3rd of October along with a close band of friends who will be bringing the sounds to the famous Pikes poolside.

“As the 20s start to roar and another summer of love heats up, the news we’ve all been waiting for… Mercury Rises once again on the white island of Ibiza in Freddie’s at Pikes Hotel.

We celebrate life through the dance every Monday from 15th August – Monday 3rd October with music provided by myself & friends poolside.” DJ Harvey

DJ Harvey – Mercury Rising

+ Poolside Guests at Sunset

Every Monday 15th August – 3rd October ’22

15.08 Pikes – Mercury Rising – Pete Gooding 

22.08 Pikes – Willie Graff

29.08 Pikes – Cinti

05.09 Pikes – Sally Rodgers 

12.09 Pikes – Lovefingers & Heidi Lawden 

19.09 Pikes – Danilo Braca 

26.09 Pikes – Luke Una

03.10 Pikes – Chris Coco

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