SeatlabNFT, the innovative new NFT ticketing platform disrupting the event ticketing industry, has announced a new partnership with Berlin-based talent agency The Bliss Office.

The Bliss Office x SeatlabNFT collaboration is an exclusive, intimate party taking place alongside the industry-leading Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

On Friday 21st October 2022, The Bliss Office x SeatlabNFT will host an exclusive side party at the popular BAUT Oost venue in Amsterdam. The night will see the likes of Ă˜ostil, The Element, Undercatt, Glowal, Cellini and Axel Haube perform to a select crowd of fans and industry-leading professionals. Tickets for the event will be issued as NFTs and are available only via the SeatlabNFT app.

SeatlabNFT is coming fresh off the back of a successful pioneering NFT-enabled collaboration with Lost Village festival, where they created a special edition NFT membership card attendees could claim to gain access to a secret immersive audiovisual experience. As they continue to release more functionality to their groundbreaking NFT ticketing marketplace, these collaborations demonstrate the power that Web3 has to change how fans experience live events.

NFT technology is a natural fit for event ticketing. The traceability and transparency of the blockchain can end ticket fraud, while smart contracts help artists and event organisers take back control of the secondary market. Blockchains also unlock the possibility of airdrops to revolutionise the way fans engage with artists. The SeatlabNFT platform looks to take advantage of this new opportunity provided by Web3 technology.

Their app is live on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android. Fans hoping to attend the intimate Bliss Office x SeatlabNFT event and mingle with key figures in the industry can download the SeatlabNFT app to buy tickets now.