Welcome to Wasteland’s official fetish fantasy Halloween Ball. We will gather for a spectacular night filled with extravagant and freaky entertainment…

This event is located at one of our favorite locations in Amsterdam: Radion – better known as the ACTA breeding ground. A cultural free port that is constantly exploring boundaries and is interacting with the experimental. With 5 different areas over several floors it is one of Amsterdam’s best underground hotspots.

A night packed with spectacular entertainment, music, visuals, art, fashion installations, birds of paradise, creatures of the night and much, much more…

DJs + VJs:
SKT (UK), Joost van Bellen, de Sluwe Vos, Ronald Molendijk, Funkerman, Lucien Foort, Stefano Richetta, Mayday, G-Double-E and much more… | Visuals by: Run Paint Run | Kabinet Azar.

Disco Caine (Ger), Kristina Kalashnikov (Ger), Blood Squad, Mystic Tribes (Fr), Natsumi Scarlet, Mrs Lunatika (Fr), Louise L’amour (Pt), Go-Go Fuckers, Bubble gum lecter (Ger), Shoe Shine slave, Eli El Sultan (Fr) and many more…

Strict dress code:
Wasteland loves sexiness and thrives on twisted imagination. For this edition, we applaud beautiful creations inducing the TRUE Halloween!

Vodoo Witch Doctor, Pagan Sex God, Dark Fairytale Fairy, Satanic Burlesque Babe, Hellfire Demon, Evil Sexy Clown, Zombie Night Nurse, Twisted Lunatic, Fanatic Fetish Freak, Carnivale, Mysterious Victorian Masquerade, Leather, Latex, Rubber, Uniforms, P.V.C., Lace, Feathers, Masks, etc. …

Casual street wear, sportswear and combat army uniforms are NOT allowed.
For inspiration check out our social platforms at Facebook and Instagram: wastelandparty.

No (phone) cameras | No Drugs

Wasteland Halloween

Radion Louwesweg 1 (Amsterdam)

Saturday October 29 2022

21:00 – 05:00

€ 48,50- (ex fee)

Wasteland Ancient Empire

Saturday Northsea Venue

Nov 26th Hemkade 48 (Amsterdam – Zaandam) 2022

22.00 – 06.00 € 58,50- (ex fee)

The wildest party on earth.

If you dare to be different… If you are without prejudice… If you love living on the edge… If exploring your wildest fantasies makes you tick …. Wasteland! Visitors from all over the globe will gather for a spectacular night filled with entertainment.

More info coming soon.

Website: wasteland.nl.