After a 8-years hiatus, Monegros Desert Festival returned renewed last July, selling out the event with figures and settings never seen to date in our country. 22 hours of music spread over 11 themed stages.

From the Soundsystem Temple designed with reused materials to the Airbus 330 plane converted into a dance floor, going through a DJ booth in an old cargo train or the lysergic decoration of the elrow stage, without forgetting the classic spaces where it all began: Open Air , El Pajar or El Corral, among others. 100 m2 of desert in Fraga that became, for 22 hours, a vibrant and colorful rave.

The next year 2023, on July 29, MONEGROS DESERT FESTIVAL returns, celebrating nothing but its thirty years of existence.

“It has been a very well-considered decision since holding a festival for 50.000K people in a desert is a logistical and operational challenge.  However, we look forward to returning next year and improving the festival so you have a better experience than last year!” Juan Arnau and Cruz Arnau. 

In 2022, the concept was to bring back the idea of raves in the 90s but apply today’s systems and technology. For 2023, Monegros Desert Festival will preserve the RAVE concept, and add new stages, technological and creative innovations, and operational improvements compared to 2022.

“Our goal is to improve every aspect of the festival year by year to consolidate ourselves as a reference for electronic music worldwide” Juan Arnau.

As for the music, the most extreme current sounds will also have a wide representation. “The desert will roar again with techno as the main sound  but without forgetting urban sounds such as hip hop, drum n bass, dub, house and even a touch of disco”  Victor de la Serna, Music Director. 

Without a doubt, there is a desire to return and enjoy another unforgettable edition.

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