After another incredible summer season in 2022, elrow is heading back to Ushuaïa Ibiza’s iconic open-air pool stage for more multicoloured, musically vibrant and surreal party madness on 19 July, 16 August and 6 September 2023. Each party will have a compelling soundtrack to match the extravagant themes which this year are Delusionville by Ron English, Kaos Garden by Okuda San Miguel and the fairground magic and flamenco dancing of elrowcio.

Quite simply there is no party like an elrow party, especially when the party is thrown at Ushuaïa Ibiza.  Two of clubland’s most influential brands, elrow and Ushuaïa are known around the world for the unrivalled levels of imagination, creativity, care, and attention to detail that they pour into their productions. This summer will be no different, as each event will be a complete movie-like experience that places you deep into immersive and escapist new worlds with extravagant designs, mind-bending visuals and unreal settings that are brought to life by music, dancers and hypnotising performers.

This year’s action kicks off on Wednesday 19 July with Kaos Garden by multidisciplinary artist Okuda San Miguel, who offers up avant-garde art and electronic music as a way to present their vision of The Garden of Earthly Delights. It’s a party where dancers themselves become an integral part of an interactive art installation and wondrous adventures unfold in real time as sin, paradise and lust all merge with real-world colour and hypnotic sounds.

Next up on 16 August is an Ibiza debut for Delusionville, one of the newest elrow concepts and the brainchild of iconic contemporary American artist, street art godfather and POPaganda founder Ron English. He brings with him an insane new living environment that takes the form of an upside-down underground paradise full of metamorphic landscapes and populated by anthropomorphic animals where all preconceived notions of reality are left behind.

The final date of this thrilling three-part series takes place on Wednesday 6 September when elrowcio comes to town! One of elrow’s most famous and best-loved event concepts, elrowcio invites you into a magical Fair with its complete fairground neighbourhood and an array of booths, tapas, rebujito, and lanterns all summoning an authentic atmosphere of Andalusian folklore. It is a place to unleash the rowmbero inside you and share in evocative real-world art.
Ibiza’s #1 open-air club Ushuaïa, with its cutting-edge lighting and visuals, state-of-the-art sound system, and iconic poolside stage, is the perfect place to experience this spectacular trilogy of events which promise to be unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed before. Book your place now at