Sebastian Gamboa is launching the 12th season of his acclaimed Vintage Ibiza party at the emblematic Lío club, an iconic event that has left its mark on the island. This celebration, led by the renowned DJ and producer, has become a benchmark in the world of electronic music and entertainment in Ibiza.

This year, “Vintage by Sebastian Gamboa” presents a proposal that combines the best of current house music with the great classics of this genre. The party will be held every Friday starting on May 12th, offering a unique experience on the island.

“Vintage by Sebastian Gamboa” has been an emblematic event in Ibiza’s electronic music scene for over a decade. If you want to enjoy a night full of good music, atmosphere, and nostalgia, do not miss the opening of the 12th season at Lío Ibiza club.

“Vintage by Sebastian Gamboa” promises to be an unforgettable party, where music and atmosphere come together to create a unique experience in Ibiza.