After Ibiza, Mykonos and London, Lío comes to disembark in Mallorca. The famous restaurant-cabaret raises its curtain on the island the upcoming 3rd of August. It will do so in the venue of what once was one of the most important and exclusive nightclubs of recent decades in Mallorca: Tito’s. Pacha group has focused on restoring the building to the glamour and exquisiteness of the 50s and 60s, when regulars included Charles Chaplin, Grace Kelly and Sean Connery. The renovation of the building has been carried out by the Mallorcan architecture firm Gras-Reynés, together with the interior design studio Lázaro Rosa-Violán, who also designed the new Lío London.

Lío brings to Mallorca a modern, attractive and very sensual cabaret show with performances by dancers, singers and acrobats accompanying your dinner. “Sensuality, fun, hedonism, freedom and magic are guaranteed in the new Lío Mallorca,” says Pacha Group CEO, Sanjay Nandi. The restaurant-cabaret will open at 8 pm and the club at 12 pm with resident DJs and other famous international guest DJs. Guests can enjoy the restaurant- cabaret show and the club independently of one another.

The Michelin-starred Mallorcan chef, Andreu Genestra, has worked with the Head Chef of Lío Mallorca, Felip Moreno, to prepare a Mediterranean menu, evoking the essence of Mallorca in every bite. A Mediterranean and innovative cuisine that invokes the spirit of Lío, with each dish intended as a work of art designed to provoke emotions. Simply the perfect pairing for a show that awakens the senses. “Each dish will perfectly exemplify Mediterranean cuisine. We will illustrate our origins and the exquisiteness of the island’s produce,” says Genestra.

SIMPLY THE BEST becomes Lío’s uniting theme for the celebration of its premiere in Mallorca. The show was created in 2020 for Lio Ibiza and brings together the best musical moments and choreographies, together with the most entertaining scenes, unforgettable music and spectacular costumes and lighting. Like all Lío shows, SIMPLY THE BEST features great moments of connection with the public accompanied by a significant dose of sensuality, and a rousing and devilish rhythm. “This season, we will relive the best numbers in the history of Lío Ibiza with a journey through time which sees the crème de la crème of our previous acts take to the stage again, interspersed with new and current numbers” says Lío’s artistic director, Joan Gràcia.