The NACHTIVILLE Festival, which took place for the first time on the Baltic Sea in Schleswig-Holstein in 2023, is responding to lower visitor numbers in 2024 and is adapting the festival in 2024.

The crew describes the situation in their newsletter: “Despite a very large number of registrations and bookings, we did not sell as many tickets as expected. There were many payment defaults on bookings and fewer bookings despite high interest. For us, this is a sign of the times: prices are rising, a festival, especially on this scale, is no longer so easy for everyone to finance, and it is more difficult to get your group together. Our festival lives from the idea of a trip to the beach with your loved ones, a little vacation, the amenities of a holiday apartment, and of course, to rave together.”

The festival crew looked for solutions and responded by adjusting their capacities. The team believes it is important that no compromises be made in terms of neither the musical and artistic approach of the festival nor the experience for the visitors. The music program, which features many well-known artists such as Anetha, Gerd Janson, Helena Hauff, Job Jobse and Young Marco, remains unchanged. The 3-day festival will forego its large tent stage in 2024 and implement its program on a total of 6 floors, including the infamous WaveCave, an evening pool party. Since the indoor capacities were expanded in advance, also due to criticism last year, the situation is much more relaxed this year.

What is a challenge and a compromise for the festival should be rather pleasing to the visitors: “The festival will be what some people wanted last year: smaller, more comfortable and “clubbier”. You have six floors to choose from in parallel, especially at night. As announced, our evening pool parties will be back,” writes the festival in its newsletter.

The festival, which is aimed at around 3,000 visitors, currently has an occupancy rate of 60%. However, the festival crew is relieved that with the adjustment they have found a good solution to implement the indoor festival concept even with fewer visitors: “Changes are not always easy, especially in such a short period of time. While considering all options, we always had one priority: We want to have an excellent time with you and are looking forward to the holiday rave at the start of the year!” the festival writes with relief in its newsletter.

Tickets for NACHTIVILLE 2024 are still available at

The “NACHTIVILLE Festival” takes place from the 19th to the 22nd of January 2024 at “Weissenhäuser Strand”, a holiday park on the Baltic Sea coast, 120 km north of Hamburg. Every visitor can choose between various holiday apartments, bungalows and hotel rooms at the holiday park. The festival tickets are included.

This is the line-up for Nachtiville 2024:

Alex Kassian
Aurora Halal
Byron Yeates
Cecilia Tosh
Cleo SNK
dj blip
Fadi Mohem LIVE
Gabrielle Kwarteng
Gerd Janson
Helena Hauff
Interplanetary Criminal
Jenny Cara
Jesse G
Job Jobse
Karete Bu
Marie Montexier
Mor Elian
no service
Palms Trax
Pau Pau
Rosa Red
Roses OD
Ryan Elliott
Sally C
Sam Goku
Sedef Adasï
Sol Ortega
Suze Ijó
Tijana T
Vincent Neumann
.Vril LIVE
Young Marco