Dialogues of Diaspora™, the production company behind “The Changemaker: Man Like Ikky” in collaboration with Warner Music, and “Luminaries” produced alongside Dishoom, is excited to announce the release of its latest film, “Renaissance in the Realm.” 

This highly anticipated film explores the origins, ethos, ascent and future of the record label and event series taking over the electronic music world — Indo Warehouse.

The film is now available exclusively on the Dialogues of Diaspora YouTube channel.

“Renaissance in the Realm” takes audiences on a captivating journey into the world of Indo Warehouse, the collective that is reshaping the South Asian Diaspora through music and beyond. Directed by the filmmakers Ramneet Baidwan and Sanvir Singh Chana, this film offers an insightful look into the creation of Indo Warehouse’s unique sound and the meticulous planning that goes into each of their incredible shows. 

Indo Warehouse has sold out some of the biggest electronic music venues across the United States, and Dialogues of Diaspora documented the team during their first ever international show, at London’s esteemed Outernet.

Outside of the preparation for the London show, Indo Warehouse founder Armaan Gupta, along with label co-partner Kunal Merchant, give viewers an inside look into their personalities while leading the audience through the movement’s evolution, emphasizing the significance of global expansion and exploring the future of this new genre of music.

Additionally, through never-before-seen footage, Armaan narrates the creation of the first Indo Warehouse and the collective’s incredible rise. 

“We’re excited to share our origin story with Dialogues of Diaspora during our first show in London. In our two years of exponential growth, it’s important for us to remember how we got here and to present the vision for Indo Warehouse. Our methodical approach to pushing our culture forward is meant to inspire more creatives like us to dream bigger.”

– Armaan Gupta (Kahani) 

Dialogues of Diaspora prides itself on its innovative approach to storytelling and aims to provide a platform for the voices in the South Asian Diaspora. With “Renaissance in the Realm,” Dialogues of Diaspora continues to deliver on its goals to immerse audiences with powerful, insightful and emotional storytelling. 

“Indo Warehouse has changed the electronic music scene in the US, and we were extremely excited to have captured the team’s first-ever international show. ‘Renaissance in the Realm’ not only showcases the meteoric rise of Indo Warehouse but also reflects on its history in New York City and where the entire collective is headed. More importantly, this film demonstrates that Indo Warehouse has the ability to change how the world perceives the South Asian Diaspora, not just through music, but in every facet of the creative realm.”

– Ramneet Baidwan (Dialogues of Diaspora)

Through compelling storytelling, captivating visuals and exclusive footage, “Renaissance in the Realm” will offer both fans of Indo Warehouse and first time listeners an intimate look at the collective. As we explore the history, evolution, essence and uniqueness of the movement, the film solidifies Indo Warehouse as a enduring presence, shaping the ongoing growth and resilience of the South Asian Diaspora.