Get ready, Ibiza! Every Tuesday, the legendary walls of Pacha Ibiza will resonate with the electrifying beats of CamelPhat, the Grammy-winning duo that has left an indelible mark on the landscape of dance music. Hailing from Liverpool, Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala have become synonymous with igniting dance floors worldwide. Their signature sound, a seamless fusion of deep house, melodic techno, and soulful vocals, has not only spawned chart-topping hits like “Cola” and “Panic Room” but has also earned them critical acclaim and accolades including a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording, an MTV VMA nomination, and numerous sold-out shows.

In 2024, a new chapter unfolds in the storied Pacha-CamelPhat saga. This year, their residency transcends earthly boundaries, offering a night of infinite possibilities in a sonic journey that will keep you connected to the heartbeat of the party all night long. Brace yourself for a unique dance experience fuelled by the duo’s signature deep and melodic house beats, complemented by lighting and acoustic production never before seen in an exclusive Tuesday event in Ibiza, hosted by Europe’s most iconic club for over 50 years.

Elevate your experience to new heights with VIP access to Pacha Ibiza. Indulge in the exclusivity of a private table, skip the queues, enjoy dedicated bottle service, and savor prime views of the dance floor and DJ booth. Feel the energy pulsating through the crowd as CamelPhat showcase their musical mastery firsthand, delivering the ultimate VIP party experience that Ibiza has to offer.

Secure your tickets now and ensure that you’re part of CamelPhat’s new dimension, as they embark on a journey to deliver a unique music experience that will make Tuesday nights the most sought-after party in Ibiza.