Ready to embark on a journey? JETSET is Surreal’s new track! An even more revolutionary space, it will feature a structure assembled from the fuselage of a Boeing 727-200 airplane.

A unique and complex project, the plane is currently being disassembled at Curitiba airport and will undergo refurbishment, as well as a chroming process, and a special project for the implementation of the plane in Surreal. The aircraft used to carry up to 189 passengers, with a length of 46.68 meters and a maximum speed of 1,014 km/h.

The complexity of this project involves different aspects, including the logistics from Curitiba to Cambori├║, which will be carried out with a special highway authorization for this transportation. An experienced production team is working at full speed, and the implementation project for the plane at Surreal Park is from the architecture firm 8B. The plane will be the protagonist in this new space, featuring a deck, runway, bar, with the wings serving as an elevated observation point for the park, and a special lighting project for the plane is in development. Something truly unique is emerging in Brazil.

At Surreal, the Boeing 727-200 will transport musical travelers, and speed is now measured in BPM. The captain of this journey you already know: Renato Ratier and his innovative mind. The first boarding will be in the summer of 2024. JETSET will leave Surreal a mix of artistic experiences that go beyond music, transporting us to the world of dreams as a source for creating experiences.

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