Lío Club, one of the world’s most exclusive destinations, is gearing up for its Grand Opening on Thursday, May 9th. Known for its legendary nights, the club promises an unforgettable experience with a lineup of renowned DJs, performers, and artists. Expect late nights of unadulterated escapism and dancefloor antics all summer long.  
For the Grand Opening, Blanche London, a collective known for creating experiences where conceptual art and electronic music merge, take charge of curating the line-up. The night will feature East End Dubs, a London-based producer who has risen to the top of the scene with his timeless house sound alongside Miguelle & Tons, residents of Space and creators of Two And a Half Cats. And finally, Milica capable of transporting you with her sets of tech house and minimal through space and time. 
Exploring the theme of “Dangerous Nights,” Lío Ibiza invites you to seize the moment and live as if each night were your last. Dive headfirst into a world that’s equal parts magic, elegance and sexy; where guilt has no place in the pursuit of exquisite pleasures. Crafted by the artistic genius Joan Gràcia, the force behind Lío Group, each night’s show promises a transgressive, provocative, and outrageously fun experience led by the audacious Lío artists. It’s not just a night out; it’s a daring adventure into the realms of indulgence and excitement. With a divine culinary journey, created by executive chef Adrián Marín Gimeno. as the centre piece of the journey.

Reservations for 2024 are now open.

Book online at: lioibiza.com.