RUMORS by Guy Gerber returns to Playa Soleil this season, offering an enhanced experience of bohemian escapism in the vibrant heart of Platja d’en Bossa. Known for its unique flair and high-energy atmosphere, RUMORS promises another exhilarating season at its spiritual home, boasting an outstanding lineup of talented artists from across the electronic music spectrum.

A Symphony of Sound and Spirit
Under the guidance of visionary artist Guy Gerber, a trailblazer and one of Ibiza’s most celebrated resident DJs, this season’s RUMORS residency is set to showcase top-tier electronic talent. Gerber is renowned for his multifaceted musical skills, which elevate every performance. He masterfully blends intricate musical layers to produce an ambiance that defines RUMORS.
The evenings at RUMORS are more than just events; they are captivating musical journeys set against an idyllic Mediterranean backdrop. Each gathering offers up an exploration of electronic music’s vast landscape for a dance floor filled with like-minded souls.
A Stellar Cast for the Season’s Soundscape
Over the course of 18 weeks, the island’s most boutique club will host an impressive array of artists (A-Z): including underground sounds from Adam Ten, the genre-bending selections of Afriqua, Ageless, the contagious dancefloor energy of Amémé, Annicka, Anstascia, Anthony Middleton, Apache, Ariel Vromen, Bill Patrick, chunky grooves from island favourite Cassy, deep house pioneer Chez Damier, Cumhur Jay, Desire, harder-edge house and techno from Dubfire, Fred P, techno, house and disco rarities with Heidi Lawden, John Dimas, Kaz James, Kemikal Ali, Kim April, Kimonos, one-half of Audiofly Luca Saporito, Maga, Miluhska, MĪMĪ x FY, Mink, tech house from Nic Fanciulli, Nick Morgan, Noncitizens, Rockin Moroccin, Salomé Le Chat, Saraga, Sean Doron, Shahar, renowned turntablist A-Trak teams with his brother and Chromeo producer Dave 1 for The Brothers Macklovitch, hypnotic rhythms from THEMBA, Victoire, and Whitesquare.
A Sanctuary of Sound and Serenity
At Playa Soleil, the rhythmic beats blend seamlessly with the tranquil beach setting, providing the perfect stage for this musical odyssey. Guests will enjoy a sophisticated mix of Ibiza’s dynamic energy and refined rhythms, all complemented by the venue’s luxurious amenities and spectacular views. Offering a distinguished mix of exceptional music, gourmet dining, and premium bar selections, Playa Soleil stands unparalleled in delivering a comprehensive beachside experience that artfully combines music, cuisine, art, and wellness into the ultimate form of relaxation and entertainment.
RUMORS is more than just a residency; it’s a celebration of life, music, and the enchanting spirit of Ibiza. Join us at Playa Soleil and be part of an unforgettable summer. Book your experience now at

Adam Ten • Afriqua • Ageless • Amémé • Annicka • Anstascia • Anthony Middleton • Apache •
Ariel Vromen • Bill Patrick  Cassy • Chez Damier • Cumhur Jay • Desire • Dubfire • Fred P •
Heidi Lawden • John Dimas • Kaz James • Kemikal Ali • Kim April • Kimonos • Luca Saporito • Maga • Miluhska • MĪMĪ x FY • Mink • Nic Fanciulli • Nick Morgan  Noncitizens • Rockin Moroccin •
Salomé Le Chat • Saraga • Sean Doron • Shahar • The Brothers Macklovitch  • Themba • Victoire • Whitesquare
Every Friday from 7th June to 4th October at Playa Soleil
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Monday | 17 Jun – 30 Sep         ALL DAY I DREAM
Sundays | 5 May – 9 Jun            ALL I NEED BY ANDREA OLIVA
Saturdays | 25 May – 5 Oct        KINTAR PRESENTS SUMMERIANS
Sundays | 16 Jun – 6 Oct           PALMARAMA
Fridays | 7 Jun to 4 Oct             RUMORS BY GUY GERBER