Galactica Festival is back with an electrifying lineup for its summer edition. Set to dazzle music lovers, the spectacular event will be held across two iconic venues: Rimini Beach Arena and the legendary Cocoricò. Prepare for an unforgettable Day & Night experience filled with world-class DJs, pulsating beats, and a vibrant atmosphere this Saturday 3rd August.
Kicking off in Rimini Beach, the beach arena will be headed up by none other than Nina Kraviz, who will be bringing her signature techno and acid house sounds. Known for her eclectic style and powerful performances, Indira Paganotto will deliver an energetic mix of techno and psychedelic beats. Celebrated for his emotive and raw sets, French DJ I Hate Models will take to the decks, blending industrial techno with trance and electro influences. One of Italy’s homegrown talents, Mattia Trani‘s innovative approach to techno promises yet another dynamic and engaging performance.
As the night falls, revellers can make their way into the hallowed walls of Cocoricò where they will be treated to a night they’ll never forget. Renowned for his infectious energy and deep techno grooves, Luca Agnelli will keep the dance floor moving till the early hours. Bringing the beats to the Pyramid stage, Charlie Sparks’ reputation for high-octane performances will ensure a thrilling journey through techno and rave. Italian techno duo 999999999 have become well known for their intense and uncompromising live sets, and will be on hand to deliver some pure, unfiltered techno. Bringing her unique blend of driving beats and dark, atmospheric sounds, Lee Ann Roberts will no doubt mesmerize the crowd with V111‘s innovative approach and powerful sets make for an unforgettable experience.
Over in the T-RoomGianni Di Bernardo will keep the techno coming hard and fast. Known for his diverse selection and seamless mixing, the ever dynamic RBX will draw on everything from hard techno / neo rave mixed with some 90s and raw sounds. Meanwhile eclectic duo ANKKH will be ready to take fans into a surreal sonic soundscape. 
Finally Titilla will see QUEST b2b Christian AB – a prodigal pairing that are no strangers to delivering back-to-back sets filled with groove-laden house and techno. With his eclectic taste and impeccable mixing skills, Marcolino is sure to keep the energy high and the dance floor packed until the early hours. 
Galactica Festival’s summer experience will be the ultimate fusion of music, atmosphere, and energy at two of Italy’s most iconic venues. 

Tickets are available now.