An iconic, out-of-the-box cocktail bar from Barcelona and Dubai, that has left all who’ve sauntered through its inviting doors spellbound, Paradiso has created an artform of beguiling revellers with extraordinary cocktails for every palate.

Now, finding a home in Ibiza, arguably one of the hottest party destinations in the world, at the iconic El Hotel Pacha – Paradiso Ibiza is a sexy sanctuary of haute mixology that is set to redefine nightlife, and become a staple must-visit on any bona fide cocktail connoisseurs’ list. Located in the very heart of the island, Paradiso Ibiza is anything but ordinary; it’s an exclusive temple of revelry set amid the contemporary chic stylings of El Hotel Ibiza, and caters to seasoned bon vivants.

Spearheaded by visionary mixologist, Giacomo Giannotti, who has successfully disrupted the world of mixology with his introduction of flamboyant theatrics to outrageous flavour combinations – Paradiso has quite naturally earned international fame and repute.

In 2022, Paradiso was bestowed with the prestigious title of the Best Cocktail Bar in the World by The World’s 50 Best Bars, with a current #4 rank in the world – and Giannotti himself, was celebrated as The Best Italian Bartender Abroad in 2019 from Bargiornale Barawards and the Best Barman of Spain in 2017 by the World Class Bartending Competition.

An Unequalled Extravaganza When The Sun Sets
All the cocktails at Paradiso Ibiza are more than just drinks—they’re imaginative and highly potent works of art; performances that unfold before your eyes. Like watching a magic show – but better! Guests can expect a myriad of wonders in the span of a cocktail glass; cocktails here are visually enticing – and renowned for changing colour; even taste with every delicious sip.

Under the expertise of acclaimed Head Bartender Andrea Freddi, who has been instrumental in Paradiso Barcelona’s success, what one can expect at Paradiso Ibiza is an exquisite selection of cocktails that are crafted with only the finest top shelf ingredients. The result? Cocktails that are vivid, vibrant and pulsating with flavours in incredible forms of intensity. Menu favourites include The Tesla cocktail with Gin Malfy Originale, The Great Gatsby, and not least of all – the signature Pacha Negroni, crafted to such perfection, they would merit standing ovations from even the most elite palates.

Complementing this wild sensory experience is the culinary arm of Paradiso Ibiza – a fiercely fabulous offering that holds its own at what is definitively a cocktail bar. While in most cases, the food menu quietly assumes the supporting role, at Paradiso Ibiza, it’s a bold and audacious statement. Expertly conjured by Grupo Pacha’s Executive Chef, Carlos Herrera, dishes take the form of delightful Iberian ham tapas that will make you fall in love with food all over again, to more comforting plates like pastrami sandwiches with cheddar and beer mustard – even caviar with blinis, if one only has the inclination for uber posh bites. These symphonies of flavours blend and champion the cocktail menu, elevating the overall experience that gives Paradiso Ibiza its unique avatar.

Taking pride of place on a gorgeously appointed terrace, the design and décor of Paradiso Ibiza has been a tender-hearted labour of love. Conceived by the same team who brought Paradiso Barcelona and Dubai to life, the aesthetic has seamlessly meandered over to this chic Ibizan outpost as well. In keeping with the unique character of the brand, tropical décor and maritime-inspired details are at the fore, inviting guests to wholly immerse themselves in a world of contemporary mastery and style. The perfect place to begin an evening, one has fallen short of enjoying a cultivated cocktail experience in its entirety until one has encountered Paradiso Ibiza… And notably, it will lead you over to the famed Pacha Ibiza nightclub next door to continue the party.

Opening Hours: Paradiso Ibiza opens its doors every day of the week, from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., offering guests the opportunity to enjoy an unparalleled fete under the starry skies of the White Island.

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