This weekend, WooMoon transforms Cova Santa with an imaginative Sunday celebration. Featuring a stellar line-up including Pablo Fierro, Emanuel Satie, Mimi Love, Share, Wanduta, Aigua, and House of Frequency, it promises an unforgettable evening brimming with diverse musical talents.

Each artist brings a distinct vibe to the stage: Emanuel Satie’s infectious beats, Mimi Love’s mystical melodies, Pablo Fierro’s seamless transitions, Share’s iconic sound, Wanduta’s eclectic mix, Aigua’s rhythmic journey, and House of Frequency’s passion-filled performance. It’s set to be an evening where music breaks barriers, setting the dance floor ablaze with an unmatched energy and fervour.

WooMoon is set for a monumental season with world-renowned artists, including Alex Serra, Jan Blomqvist, Tanika, Valentin Huedo, Yamil, Bora Uzer, and many more. Dedicated to creating an inclusive and immersive experience for all, WooMoon’s Sunday Celebration has quickly become one of the most revered assemblies on the island.

WooMoon Lovers may book their tickets and upgrade their experience by booking VIP tables online now while enjoying bottle service, priority entry, and prime dancefloor views here.